Appetizers 前菜

Edamame $4.00
Lightly salted boiled soybeans.

Kyuuri Kimuchi $4.00
Spicy pickled cucumbers.

Harumaki $4.00
Vegetable spring rolls. (4pcs)

Agedashi Tofu $5.00
Deep fried tofu with dashi sauce.

Kimuchi $4.00
Spicy pickled cabbage.

Iidako Kara Age $6.00
Crispy baby octopus.

Gyoza $5.00
Seared pork dumplings. (6pcs)

Shumai $6.00
Steamed shrimp dumplings. (4pcs)

Karage Ponzu $6.00
Fried chicken with red onions and grated radish in ponzu sauce.

Wasabi Shumai $5.00
Steamed wasabi pork dumplings. (4pcs)

Kaki Fry $6.00
Crispy breaded oysters with spicy mayonnaise.

Chashu $5.00
Roast pork or chicken.

Rice Dishes ご飯

Fried Rice $9.00
Roast Chicken or Pork, eggs, scallions and onions.

Shrimp Fried Rice $10.00
Shrimp with eggs, scallions, onions and oyster sauce.

Miso Niku Don $9.00
Sauteed Chicken or Pork, onions and scallions with miso sauce over rice.

Sutamina Don $9.00
Sauteed Chicken or Pork, leeks, scallions and onions with spicy garlic sauce over rice.

Katsu Curry $10.00
Breaded Chicken or Pork cutlet with curry sauce over rice.

Gyuu Don $9.00
Beef bowl with onions over rice.

Ramen Noodles ラーメン

Tabata Ramen $10.00
Soybean powder and coconut milk based soup topped with mild spiced chicken stew, cilantro and red onions.

Shoyu Ramen $9.00
Soy sauce flavored noodle soup. (Roast chicken or Pork with bean sprouts, bamboo shoots and scallions)

Shio Ramen $9.00
Salt flavored noodle soup. (Roast Chicken or Pork with bean sprouts, bamboo shoots and scallions)

Miso Ramen $10.00
Miso flavored noodle soup. (Roast Chicken or Pork with cabbage, bean sprouts carrots and scallions)

Tan Tan Men $10.00
Sesame flavored noodle soup. (Mild spiced ground pork with scallions)

Dark Men $11.00
Black sesame based noodle soup. (Mild spiced ground pork with scallions)

Ebi Rame $10.50
Shrimp chop suey on salt flavored noodle soup. (Shrimp, napa, carrots shitake mushrooms and scallions)

Seafood Ramen $11.50
Seafood and vegetables in rich pork bone broth noodle soup. (Napa, carrots, shitake mushrooms, bean sprouts, shrimp, fishcakes and squid)

Sutamina Ramen $11.50
Spicy miso and soy sauce flavored noodle soup. (Pork or Chicken with leeks, scallions, garlic paste and raw egg)

Garlic Noodle $9.00
Deep fried garlic on salt flavored dry noodles. (Roast Chicken or Pork, fried garlic, scallions and salt flavored soup in the side)

Tonkotsu Ramen $10.50
Pork bone and chicken bone broth noodle soup. (Roast pork, bean sprouts, scallions and flavored boiled egg)

Lava Men $11.00
Spicy pork bone and chicken bone broth noodle soup. (Roast Chicken or Pork with bean sprouts, scallions and flavored boiled egg)

Geki Kara Ramen $10.00
Literally “hellishly” spicy salt flavored noodle soup. (Roast Chicken or Pork with bean sprouts, flavored boiled egg and scallions)

Toppings トッピング

$1.00 Toppings
Butter, Scallions, Bean Sprouts, Corn, Seaweed, Flavored Boiled Egg.

$2.00 Toppings
Kimuchi, Bamboo Shoots, Extra Noodles.

$3.00 Toppings
Extra Pork, Extra Chicken, Shrimp.



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Where It All Began

As soon as you step into a Tabata restaurant, you’re guaranteed an authentic Japanese ramen experience. The chef and owner is Maung Htein Linn and comes from Burma, a country whose varied curries and cuisine are more similar to Thai and Indian cooking than to Japanese. Born in 1967 in Yangon and working 11 years in Japan, Maung Htein Linn brought his expertise in Japanese cuisine to New York City and opened up his first restaurant in 2011. The name “Tabata” comes from Japan and is one of the train stations of a loop line that circles around Tokyo.

“Many customers in my restaurants here are Japanese because they like the non altered authentic Japanese taste.”

With more locations coming soon, Tabata is one of the best ramen places in New York City and should not be missed.

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