Burmese 365 NYC

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Khin Aye Kyawt our other location restaurant manager, manages three family own restaurants in midtown Manhattan. Thanks to Burmese 365 NYC for coming in and taking this lovely shot. We hope you enjoyed our offerings and can't wait to see you again soon! http://on.fb.me/1IVGyuV

Burmese 365 NYC

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Sonny has been working behind the scene of two successful restaurants since 2011. He has put in the time and energy to where the outcome can only lead to success. His patient and attention to detail has been the reason why every dish served from Tabata has been so good. Thanks to Burmese 365 NYC [...]

Burmese 365 NYC

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Rose Khin Mar Cho, restaurateur. Having to manage one successful restaurant in New York City is difficult but managing two is nearly impossible. Rose takes take it all in stride as she know the hard time can only make her that much better. She has been the manager of Tabata since 2011 and the manager [...]

The Ten Best Bowls of Ramen in NYC

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Thanks to the "Village Voice" for mentioning us one of "The Ten Best Bowls of Ramen in NYC" in a recent article! We know that we have something special here and love everyone that comes in to taste our delicious menu items. http://bit.ly/1HC1tV9